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1.What is the main Product Material ?

grigio ferro, Ferro duttile, Aluminum alloy, Carbon steel, Stainless steel

2.What is the Products Casting Technology ?

colata in sabbia verde,Fusioni in conchiglia,Resin sand casting , Die casting and investment casting

3.How to control the Tolerance of processed products?

We have a lot of CNC equipment and also we make gauge to check each product to ensure that the defective product is not out of factory.

4.What is the main Surface Treatment ?

Pittura spray, Spray,olio antiruggine, zincato, lucidatura, granigliatura, nero, ossidazione

5.What is the MOQ?

50 pieces, we can provide free sample within 5 pieces.

6.Is the price of small batch product higher?

Our company is very suitable for the small batch production, even if the quantity is less, the price will not be high.

7.What is the product weight range and the company’s annual output currently ?

Single casting weight range: 0.02kg – 850kg Annual output: 1,500 tonnellate.

8.What is the proportion of product exports and main export market ?

The proportion of product exports is up to 95%, e 100% products export to Europe, North America and other developed country.

9.Which report will be provided ?

We can provide material reports, mechanical performance reports, metallographic reports and processing dimension reports.

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