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자동 성형 기계 사용에 넣어,생산 능력은 향상

April 18, 2018

Since its establishment, 래주 Weiben 기계 (주), (주). has won the trust of customers by its superb casting and machining technology, high-quality products and good reputation. These years , the production capacity continues to increase.

The company upholds the principle of not letting a defective product leave the factory, from the procurement of raw materials, to the quality control of roughcast and the dimensional control of machining, strict control, stable quality, and annual orders increase. How to increase the production capacity and increase the delivery speed of orders has become the most urgent problem to be solved.

The company decided to purchase automatic molding machines to increase efficiency and increase production capacity. Horizontal automatic molding machine, automatic one-button operation. The entire modeling process is fully automatic and does not require human intervention. Modeling speed, about 42 seconds per box; box size: 600X700mm. At present, the machine has been put into use, and the casting capacity has been greatly improved. It provides a powerful guarantee for timely and rapid delivery of orders.


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