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Виды песка, используемые в Литейно

июнь 19, 2017

Сухой песок

The drying sand used in foundry industries, The dry sand from which all free or uncombined moisture has been removed usually by heating in a dry oven or stove sand dry practice is used mainly for the production of large castings or where dimensional accuracy and soundness are periodically importance.The how to dry sand mould may be completely dried before the metal is poured into or skin dried to a depth determined by experience as safe for casting.

Green Sand

The greensand used in foundry industries. The green sand or untried moulds is common practice for the majority of small and medium size ferrous and non ferrous casting.

Мука Песок

The flour sand used in foundry industries. The flour sand the accumulation of moulding sand from cast up moulds which is used over and over again as the bases of the facing silica and sand and to fill in the moulds and the flour sand of the facing layer.


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