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Compared with  green sand casting process, resin sand casting process has the following advantages:

1.High precision casting size , smooth surface, clear outline.  In the process of resin sand modeling, eliminate most of the deformation factors. The castings are molded after the sand is solidified, reducing the deformation due to the loosening of the mold before the mold and the deformation of the sand caused by the mold

2.High production efficiency, shorten the production cycle.  The resin sand flow is good, easy to compact, save a lot of tamping compact workload, so that modeling operation is simplified; in the mold, due to the high strength of the mold, reducing the mold after the repair work.

3.Reduce labor intensity, greatly improving the working conditions and working environment, especially to reduce the noise, silica dust, etc.

4.High strength, good shape, good thermal stability, good ventilation.   it can greatly reduce the casting defects, thereby reducing the rejection rate, make complex , Key pieces.

The Process of Resin Sand Casting

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