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The advanged manufacturing equipment and advanced technology enable us to accommodate low to high production volume and produce castings with a wide size range from 0.02kg to 850kg.we can manufacturing sand castings in different sizes with stringent requirements, complex geometries.

Casting Equipment 

1.Medium frequency furnace                                             2.Resin sand production line

3.Automatic Molding machine                                          4.Rotor sand mixer

5.Sand blasting machine                                                      6.Automatic core shooting machine

7.Shell shooting machine                                                     8.3-5t crane

Material Capabilities

Ductile Iron 

GGG40~80, FCD400~800, QT400~800

Grey Iron

GG15~GG30, FC15~30, HT150~300

  • Iron Mould

  • Automatic Molding Machine

  • Shaping

  • Green Sand Casting

  • Resin Sand Line

  • Shell-mould

  • Sand Core Room

  • Painting Line

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